fps 1.0-b2 API

com.mlw.fps.controller Package for Struts action classes.
com.mlw.fps.controller.console Package for Struts action classes that service the console.
com.mlw.fps.controller.stats Package for Struts action classes that service the default stats application.
com.mlw.fps.load Package for data-load components.
com.mlw.fps.load.adapter Package for data-load adapters.
com.mlw.fps.model.business.bean Package for business beans
com.mlw.fps.model.business.bo.stubs Package for default business implementation.
com.mlw.fps.model.business.dao Package for all the DAO interfaces.
com.mlw.fps.model.business.dao.memmory Package for a in memory DAO implementation.
com.mlw.fps.model.business.vo Package for general value objects.
com.mlw.fps.model.business.vo.stats Package for value objects used to display stats.
com.mlw.fps.model.manager Package for managers that service the model.
com.mlw.fps.util Package for application utilities.
com.mlw.fps.view.bean Package for beans that are used for the view only.
com.mlw.fps.view.form Package for Struts forms.
com.mlw.fps.view.manager Package for managers that service the view.
com.mlw.fps.view.taglib Package for custom tag libraries.


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