How do I install the fps.war?
download Java Runtime Environment, 1.4.0 or higher.
download JSP and Servlet container ( any J2EE container:) ) Tomcat is what I recomend. It is easy to setup and has a light footprint. Documentation for tomcat can be found here .
Finally, drop fps.war into the webapps directory, start tomcat, then hit the url: http://localhost:8080/fps , and the application will ask you for a few settings. Thats it! See ... for more detailed instructions.
Does fpsstats work on windows?
Simple answer, YES!
Does fpsstats work on *nux?
Simple answer, YES!
Does fpsstats work on an apple?
Simple answer, YES!


When I go to the site all the pages are blank. What is wrong?
The feature of fpsstats that sets it apart from its compeditors is filters! If you see no data on the pages then you either have not provide any logs, or you need to adjust the filter . By default a filter forjust today is set, so if no games have been played today, then you will not see anything!
What is a filter?

A filter limits the amount of data you see. Filters can be created on the follow ing:

Date A start and/or end date, or any combonation can be applied to see the stats for a given time period
Player This filter can be use to show, "How would my stats look if the player CH@OS did not exist?"
Weapon This filter can be use to show, "How do I match up with only the AWP and the ak47?"
Map This filter can be use to show, "How would my stats look on just cs_52durrayville, cs_52sevilla and cs_52villabacho?"


Where can I get more map previews?
One great source for map preview is a partner at .
How can I customize the look and feel of fpsstats?
fpsstats uses cascading style sheets religously. See the Custom Style Guide for more information.